Poetry by Jeff Green


The moment

by cricketjeff on December 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

While sunshine chased the clouds across the sapphire of the skies
And daisies danced delighted on the lawn before our eyes.
The birds began their banquet and the day began its chase
And all the songs of nature started falling into place.

The trees were joined in chorus by the river at their feet,
The ducks were busy dabbling and the blackbirds sang so sweet,
No cars betrayed the beauty of the music all around.
So we sat and sighed in silence at the wonders that we’d found.

The soul-filled light of morning teemed with thoughts still filled with dreams,
There were chances of a future unpolluted by our schemes,
There was nothing predetermined, there was all of life to do
And alone in all creation there was only me and you.

When my fingers found your fingers and my hand first wrapped your hand,
When your lips were slowly parted in the kisses no-one planned,
When we lost ourselves in loving and the sun progressed the day,
There was everything and nothing in the words we didn’t say.

Later on the world re-entered and the magic seemed to hide
And we started on the breakfast they had thoughtfully supplied
But I can’t forget the moment, or the look inside your eyes,
When the sunshine chased the clouds across the sapphire of the skies.