Poetry by Jeff Green


An idyll

by cricketjeff on December 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A gentle breeze disturbs the trees as you gaze in my eyes
      The dappled sunlight trickles down your hair
A summer’s day to wile away in sweet and gentle sighs
      And I have found a perfect love to share

A lazy walk and idle talk a pause to kiss your lips
      A conversation made without a sound
We share a smile and kill a while with wayward fingertips
      And cannot see the beauty all around

The afternoon will go so soon the evening take its place
      And I know I shall still be lost in you
The stars above will see our love reflected in each face
      As deep blue skies adopt a midnight hue

We’ll leave at last and lose the past the time before we met
      The future’s filled with everything and us
A day like this, a dawn of bliss, we never could forget
      The start of life without the pain and fuss

It may just be in poetry that we can live this way
      But I believe that we can have our chance
This love may seem a silent dream but it will come to stay
      And you and I shall have the final dance