Poetry by Jeff Green


The list

by cricketjeff on December 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She wrote upon her Christmas list that she’d been very good
So many men she’d hardly kissed at all
And almost every day this year she’s done the things she should
Her indiscretions really were quite small
She’s busy telling Santa that she hasn’t been a bitch
And he could well reward her if he made her very rich

An Aston Martin in the drive is not a lot to ask
And jewellery to drape across her skin
A yacht that’s moored in sunshine if she feels the need to bask
Is just reward for keeping clear of sin
And Santa, she will promise, she can be as good again
If he just leaves a diamond on an eighteen carat chain

A race horse with a pedigree to scare the royal line
A Learjet with a pilot close on hand
A wardrobe full of fashions that the papers call divine
Investment plans that she can understand
So Santa have I got a deal? the letter will conclude
And when he sees her negligee he’ll love her attitude!