Poetry by Jeff Green


The paper bell

by cricketjeff on December 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The season starts when it appears
It’s there before our Christmas tree
Tradition built through all my years
The paper bell as old as me
    No cards or greetings on display
    Until that bell is there to see
    Above the stairs where elves can play
    The paper bell as old as me   
A star and snowflakes on the door
The holly berries grew for free
No decorations matter more
The paper bell as old as me
      The season starts when it appears
      The paper bell as old as me

Author notes

A family tradition, when my parents first bought their house they were given Christmas decorations by various family members, including a large paper bell. It had it’s own place above the stairs and was the first decoration hung each year. One year my Mother decided it was getting too old, but my daughter (about 5 at the time) was horrified and rescued it. Now it is the first decoration hung in our house.

Also using ten words for the bank.

season, Christmas tree, tradition, cards, greetings, elves, star, snowflakes, holly, decorations

The form is a Kyrielle sonnet, iambic tetrameter rhymed AbaB cbcB dbdB AB capital letters indicating repeated lines.