Poetry by Jeff Green


The Queen of all

by cricketjeff on December 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Wildride by Frank Frazetta

No thoughts disturb her head it’s time to ride
The waves will break yet she will hardly see
Alone she has no secrets left to hide
But on this beach she’s able to be free

Her Lord expects his champion win
And she must see the horse will cut a dash
A loss would surely be a mortal sin
For which she’d pay a night beneath the lash

So every day she rides across the sands
To feel his rippling flanks between her thighs
And in the moment clearly understands
There’ll never be an answer to her cries

A groom and slave who cleans the horse’s tack
Is Queen of all when on this horse’s back

Author notes

Picture is “Wildride by Frank Frazetta”