Poetry by Jeff Green


The rise of the demon

by cricketjeff on December 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Vampire's kiss by Boris Vallejo

She was lost before she knew it to the powers of his eyes
Never knew his true appearance only saw the bland disguise
Demons live beneath the caverns where the foolish like to tread
And they capture the unwary for their army of the dead

She was tempted by a stranger who had tales of far away
Slowly lost her inhibitions in the words he found to say
Now she sees the man she met although we see his demon form
At the evil hour of midnight with a kiss she will transform

He will take her life and beauty she will gain his rage and pain
In her death he does his duty to the life he would regain
Every soul that he can capture adds to misery on Earth
That’s the force of evil omen that will bring him to rebirth

All the fools who scurry sideways wrapped in all they have to do
Who ignore the truths before them and can’t see the clearest clue
Will be dragged inside his dungeons and will lose the will to live
As they serve the life of darkness that is all that he can give

Mother Nature can’t protect us if we hack away her arms
In our search for fame and riches we have given up her charms
We will pay for our despoilments in a growing hail of strife
The price of inattention is the ending of all life

Author notes

Painting is Vampire’s kiss by Boris Vallejo