Poetry by Jeff Green


Starry eyes

by cricketjeff on December 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She stares so deeply into me
Her eyes are rich and brown
I wonder what there is to see
Before I gently drown
The liquid pools have drawn me in
She is the prize I want to win

I see the whole of life inside
The cavern of her soul
It seems that nothing is denied
She offers me her whole
The lights that shine inside those eyes
Are stolen from the midnight skies

Tranquility is all I seek
Inside the welcome black
She knows my all before I speak
There’s nothing to hold back
Her eyes have taken all my will
When I close mine I see hers still

A promise of a perfect life
A hint of love and more
A mistress or an ideal wife
A saint and yet a whore
How can two eyes have promised this
In just a glimpse of unknown bliss

She knows I’m lost in what I’ve found
I’m hers but is she mine?
A sailor lost at sea and drowned
Who dreams all water’s wine
My vision passes silently
But starry eyes won’t set me free

Author notes

The prompt is the title, taken from a poem of the contest holder’s