Poetry by Jeff Green


Twenty 20

by cricketjeff on October 20, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Twenty 20 is proper cricket
Played at the highest rate
For a big six or for a wicket
You won’t have to wait
Opening bowler bowls a yorker
Spinner tosses high
Batsman with enormous backlift
Tries to hit the sky
Spectators need to wear a crash hat
Umpires duck and weave
Batsman has to use his best bat
Bowlers will deceive
Ten an over’s what you aim for
Six is much too slow
Hit each ball and make a good score
Give the fans a show

Author notes

I am watching India play Australia in a Twenty 20 match at the moment and that reminded me that I wrote this earlier in the year.

Twenty 20 is the shortest and fastest form of top level cricket, a new innovation and has proved much better than many of us old stick-in-the-muds feared.