Poetry by Jeff Green


For Eartha Kitt

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her voice could melt a dead man at the pole
She’d sex appeal that no-one could resist
She’d sing herself inside your inner soul
And every note she’d put there will persist

How Batman didn’t turn himself to crime
Is something only Robin ought to know
A purr from her and I’d forget the time
Especially with a stockinged leg on show …

Now Santa Baby’s all that we have left
And all the other songs she made her own
The millionaire she wants is left bereft
No other voice will ever match her tone

I listened to her songs again today
And even dead she makes me want to play!

Author notes

Eartha Kitt was perhaps the most alluring woman of her generation. As Catwoman in the TV series of Batman a generation of young boys were corrupted for life, in the nicest possible way!