Poetry by Jeff Green


Ton-up Pete!

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now Ton-up Pete, with trousers down, will race to beat the cops
His jeans don’t fit but all the same he knows that he’s the tops.
He can’t believe they’ll pull him in to take away his fun
So Ton-up Pete, with trousers down, will roar into the sun.

Highway patrol have seen him go, “Jeez Joe! Ya see them jeans?
You see some dreadful sights round here across those big machines.
A crack like that can’t be allowed we’ll pull him for his speed,
Then tell him that some jeans that fit are really what he’ll need!”

In hot pursuit of Ton-up Pete, with arse-crack on display,
The cops believe they’ll pull him in before we reach midday.
And Joe has cracked a joke to Pearl, he called her on the mike,
“We’ll pull this guy who’s riding round with space to park his bike!”

The gibbous moon that’s on the bike is calling to the law,
It seems to give them quite  a hint of what the crack is for!
When they have overhauled our Pete and given him his ticket –
Unless he pulls his jeans up fast they know just where to stick it!!!

Author notes

OK that’s about the best I can do I think