Poetry by Jeff Green


Far beyond the night

by cricketjeff on December 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Wings of the Night by Boris Vallejo

On the rocks above existence, in the dark beyond the night,
There’s a beauty gently sleeping, though she’s far beyond your sight.
With her wings wrapped loose about her, she is feeling safe and warm.
If you dream beyond your knowledge you may glimpse her perfect form,
In the days beyond the morning she will launch into the skies.
Though so few will ever see her since her beauty’s a disguise.
She’s a child beyond her parents, she’s a ghost of what may be,
Just a spirit of perfection that is there for all to see.

In a night beyond the darkness, on a mountain far from here,
There’s a lonely lovely goddess who would wish to hold you dear.
In her dreams she finds your body, it appeals to all her heart,
As she dreams beyond your knowledge in a world that’s held apart.
Where the sky is red and fiery and the stars come out by day,
Is the land of savage beauty where this paragon can play.
On the rocks above existence in the dark beyond the night
There’s a beauty gently sleeping though she’s far beyond your sight.

It’s a dream that comes from nowhere, only there you two will meet,
With the passion of your meeting then at last you’ll be complete.
For this love beyond all reason, from two worlds that never touch,
Has controlled your whole existence since you needed her so much.
Now each night you can go flying as she holds you in her hands
And your lips can learn the secrets that no human understands.
On these rocks that feign existence in a dark that isn’t night,
There’ll be two of you not sleeping far beyond mere mortal sight.

Author notes

Wings of the Night by Boris Vallejo