Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on January 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Would you walk with me in springtime where the dappled sunlight plays
And the ground is almost hidden by the bluish-purple haze.
We would walk amid the bluebells with the new green leaves above
And my mind would fill with visions as I fell still more in love.

We would find a bank in springtime, where the grass was soft and warm,
Where the sun could light your freckles and could compliment your form.
From the bluebells we would gaze up at the songbirds perched above;
In the dappled woodland sunlight we’d make poetry and love.

We would tie ourselves in springtime to the new life all around
And your smile would match the beauty of the bluebells on the ground.
There’d be magic in the rustlings in the canopy above;
In the woodland where we’re lying we’d be filled with life and love.

In a dream it can be springtime on the dreariest of days
And there’s not the least suggestion of a bluish purple haze.
It can be freezing cold and raining and there’s dismal grey above
But my mind can bring back bluebells when I think of you, my love.