Poetry by Jeff Green


The trap of life

by cricketjeff on October 20, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With silken ropes you hold me in
The game of life you hope to win
Tight within your web I’m bound
Further traps are all around
Every time I reach for you
You hold me more with yet more glue
You’ll use me hard and drink your fill
My body you force to serve your will
When you have used me all you wish
You’ll throw me back with other fish

A web you’ll weave for another man
And drink from him all that you can
No man for you can be enough
As you try to garner all life’s stuff
One at a time all men you chase
And trap them in your secret place
But each man leaves while smiling bright
After you’ve loved him through the night
When you win the game your men don’t lose
Getting stuck in your trap is the way that we choose