Poetry by Jeff Green


Thoughts on growing up

by cricketjeff on January 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A cute picture of a puppy

When I grow up I think I’ll be a guard do at the zoo
With lots of animals to chase and other things to do
When I am big perhaps I’ll be a dog that guides the blind
Or maybe I could be the dog who sniffs out things to find

When I am big I think that I will chase off any cat
And I will jump across the fence to get that silly hat
When I grow up I won’t be told I’ve been a messy boy
And nobody will make a fuss because I ate my toy

When I grow up I’ll catch a car and make the driver jump
And maybe I will run away and find bones at the dump
When I am big I know I’ll find so many things to see
But now I’m small and you are here so throw that ball for me!!!