Poetry by Jeff Green


Forgotten feelings

by cricketjeff on January 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As I look out at the lovers on a sultry Summer’s day
As they wander arm in arm to where they go
I am struck to wonder gently has it always been this way
Have these lovers always placed themselves on show

And I wonder as I’m gazing at the lovers as they walk
How it feels to feel another by your side
How I’d love to spend my leisure in a loop of idle talk
Such a treasure is a pleasure I’m denied

Now I’m trying to remember what’s the taste of lover’s lips
Just a savour of the flavour I should know
I am dreaming of the feeling of her gentle fingertips
How I loved to be a lover long ago

We would wander by the water on a Sunday afternoon
Spend our evenings on our own within a crowd
Till the night would see us loving underneath a silver moon
As it sneaked a peak around a passing cloud

How I wish my lonely lover was here standing next to me
With her fingers gently pressing in my hand
Just a moment with my lover would be sure to set me free
For the first time in an age I’d understand

Every lover as they pass me makes me dream my dreams of you
And I dream we’re arm in arm for evermore
Just a touch would bring back pleasures of the kind I’m sure I knew
Will I ever have my lover to adore?

Author notes

I am cricketjeff