Poetry by Jeff Green


In vino veritas

by cricketjeff on January 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In vino veritas they say
The old men grouped around the fire
They drink and carry on their play
While we conspire

To overhear them is to know
That though there’s truth there’s lies as well
A man who drinks will put on show
What he won’t tell

He’ll brag about his fatal charm
We see he means he has no friends
And boast about a strong right arm
Each drunk pretends

And then without a moment’s thought
He’ll let it a little truth slip by
A tiny grain that’s hardly caught
Could make you cry

In vino veritas maybe
But rarely for the others there
The lies are all the drinkers see
And all they share

Author notes

In vino veritas – there is truth in wine

Started but not finished in time for a contest.