Poetry by Jeff Green


Love yourself first.

by cricketjeff on January 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I cannot tell why cutters cut
Perhaps to hide another pain
A protest that a door is shut
A try to pull against the strain

But this I know, it cannot be
The way to make a life more whole
The cutter really has to see
That she herself is not the goal

You cannot show another love
Until you love yourself again
You have to put yourself above
The thoughts that spiral down the drain

Until you learn that you are fine
Your love is worth the world and more
You’ll never get the world in line
If you can’t see what you are for

So look around and see that you
Are everything somebody needs
And understand that best you do
Will answer someone’s special needs

To hurt yourself can’t help that soul
And they mean more than life to you
So love yourself and keep you whole
And soon the World will be brand new

Author notes

Written to a cutter, remember YOU matter, YOU are important and worthwhile. Your love will matter more than the world to one person, and to others too, so look at yourself, you are beautiful and can be better yet. Think of them next time you want to cut, and put the knife away, smile and know, you are better than that!