Poetry by Jeff Green


Daytime delights

by cricketjeff on January 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To lie beside a beauty as she sleeps away the day
She’s tired because the night was filled with lust
To let your fingers wander as they find the natural way
To do the deeds that wandering fingers must
Across her naked skin to find a nipple and its mate
Which after some attention take an interested state

To lie beside a lady who will welcome any kiss
On lips above or better lips below
To trail your tongue on freckles and to wander down to bliss
Is just the way a morning ought to go
The smoothest mound surmounting parts where questing tongues prevail
And teeth can tease a gentle way towards the treasure trail

The lady now begins to stir her hands upon your head
As fingers find a way to help the tongue
She moans a little passion as she writhes upon the bed
Her bouncing hips find how the bed is sprung
She pulls you up to meet her face, but nipples on the way
Are just the place an eager mouth will find the time to stay

As lips meet lips her hands assist a joining further down
And passions of the day reflect the night
You open up your eyes to find two pools where you could drown
And all the world is feeling very right
She pulls you in so eagerly as tongues are played on teeth
And as you exercise above she’s passionate beneath

You roll around ’til she’s above the cowgirl on her steed
She rides you hard in all the finest ways
Your hands reach out to hold her breasts you’ve everything you need
And as you peak her eyes begin to glaze
The night was fine and love’s supreme but there’ s one thing to say
That loving such a lovely lass is twice the fun by day

Author notes

An afternoon delight