Poetry by Jeff Green


Top secret!!!

by cricketjeff on January 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Can it be only eighteen months ago?
It seems as though I’ve known you all my life
I know we’ve watched each other’s talents grow
I’ve seen you bloom and fight against the strife

Can I have known you such a little time
And yet today you’re such a needed friend
You knock the spots off poetry and rhyme
And weave such mysteries of let’s pretend

I know that you are twenty nine today
But rest assured the secret’s safe with me
I’d never give such confidence away
Though sometimes things slip out in poetry

You’re climbing fast and heading to the top
But know one thing, I’ll never let you stop!

Author notes

Sue Cardwell is 29 today!!!

She is in the collabs so she sees any comments