Poetry by Jeff Green


The you I see

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you are near I feel that I’m complete
And I can face the worst that life can do
The fruits I pick will all be ripe and sweet
Whenever I am standing next to you

Throughout our lives I know that we’ll be two
Inside your trap I’m able to be free
Before we met I’m sure I slowly grew
But you supplied the final parts of me

Inside your eyes is all I need to see
You never hide the truths I need to know
I see your dreams as perfect poetry
And revel in the future that they show

A partnership for life is all I ask
And you, my love, are equal to the task

Author notes

Spensarian love sonnet as requested

(Spensarian sonnets rhyme abab bcbc cdcd ee with each quatrain expressing separate ideas linked by the “couplets” formed by the rhyme scheme, and terminated in the same way as Shakespearian sonnets, with a final couplet that wraps up the whole poem.)