Poetry by Jeff Green


What Winter lacks

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The weather’s cold, that tends to mean few luscious legs on show
The pretty girls all dressed up snug and warm
My world may look quite beautiful bedecked in frost and snow
But I prefer a more beguiling form
In summer sun with balmy breeze the mini-skirts abound
And men like me find lots to see with lovely legs around

A winter coat will keep you warm but I prefer to see
A little more of what the coat can hide
The welcome swell of tender breasts beneath a simple tee
Can fill your mind with thoughts of what’s inside
When days are warm and clothes are few it’s easy on the eye
A pleasing swell has much to tell and little to deny

The winter sun may light the scene but girls stay tightly wrapped
There aren’t the sights to tease a wandering mind
When ice and snow make faces glow the finer points stay trapped
And I am left to wonder what I’d find
But in my mind you’re in the warm and I enjoy the view
When days are clear and Summer’s here I want to be with you!