Poetry by Jeff Green


Problem solved!!!

by cricketjeff on January 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She couldn’t drink the champers, with the bubbles up her nose,
And caviar’s too salty for her taste.
The high class shoes her mother bought were murder on her toes,
This deb is really rather badly placed.
The ball’s tonight what can she do
It seems the options could be few.

She’s close to tears when suddenly a fairy face appears
And solves the problems with a little grin;
“I’ve helped so many girls to balls, I’ve done the job for years
So tell me all and then I shall begin”
So Ashley tells her tales of woe,
She says she doesn’t want to go.

“The caviar’s an easy fix, the toast’s not gluten free
An allergy is quite the thing you know,
But as for drink and shoes, that’s tough, you’ll have to let me see …
Ah yes lets give this thought a little go”

“It’s easy to do it with out any care
Just drink on your head with your shoes in the air!!!”

Author notes

The prompt is “Drinking liquids upside down”