Poetry by Jeff Green


Get on with it!

by cricketjeff on January 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I used to be a rhymer who had no idea of form
Amera taught me poetry was more
She showed me that fluidity would have to be the norm
For me to write the way that I adore
No tolerance of second best no slipping on the way
I have to put each syllable where it was born to stay

I drove my friends right round the twist not writing sonnets well
She showed such patience as I tried and failed
Most poets who were plagued this way would damn the pest to Hell
But she put up with all my tries entailed
And now she’s over two years old, in poetry at least
So lets sit down and plan for her a great poetic feast

Amera you should take a bow then gird your loins and run
You have to grow beyond your lofty height
I know for you it’s not enough to just perform for fun
You have to write the best that you can write
So carry on and show us all in form or when you’re free
That you can be the greatest poet there will ever be!