Poetry by Jeff Green


All over the place

by cricketjeff on January 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For every grain of sand on Earth a star is in the sky
And life is just a trick of chemistry
The elements that give us worth all in good supply
That we are not alone is clear to see
For chance will always find a way when time is on its side
And numbers build a winning case whose force can’t be denied

We find that life has filled each niche, both broiled and cold as ice
In desert sands or seas that crust with salt
Microbes are found deep in the rocks and whales may teem with lice
And Darwinism really is at fault
If all you need to reproduce is gathered in one place
In time self reproduction’s really bound to win the race

Four billion years ago on Earth when DNA was born
The future of our planet had to change
And planets all across the voids are sure to heave and spawn
Producing life that we’d find very strange
It may be rare or all around but there must be a lot
And I am sure that somewhere else a poet’s on the spot!