Poetry by Jeff Green


Magic messages

by cricketjeff on January 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The moon tonight is round and bright and takes my love to you
And far away you feel my loving arms
Her silver light is my delight and tells me what to do
And in her face I see your loving charms

Across the sea you lie with me and kiss me on the lips
The moon reports you wear a happy smile
Her light can  be used magic’ly like tender fingertips
And I can feel your skin for just a while

Your softest kiss brings sweetest bliss we talk away the night
And all you say means more than all the world
We sit like this and reminisce all in this magic light
Just two in love who feel each other curled

Too soon the hour has lost its power and I am here again
Although I know I’m never quite alone
I left a flower in moonbeams shower the feelings still remain
Each time we meet I know the love has grown

So far away we still can play as lovers close at hand
The moon and stars will carry me to you
Each night and day the love will stay and we will understand
That every time we touch the world is new

Author notes

Written in the glow of a brilliant almost full moon …