Poetry by Jeff Green


Slow down!

by cricketjeff on January 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Each day you speed along the country road
And never heed the beauty all around
Turn off the radio and shed your load
Relax within the sea of nature’s sound

The usual lunch can’t match a taste of air
The long black cloak of work has hidden you
A gentle drive will help you to prepare
For anything you think you have to do

Though taking time may bring a jolt of fear
Ignore the lie for this is life itself
The truth of all is always very near
Don’t leave the gift unread upon the shelf

The world is there for everyone to see
Rejoice in mother nature’s poetry

Author notes

The prompt:-

Hello! Welcome to this phrase bank contest. Here are the phrases:
country road
long black cloak
the usual lunch
jolt of fear
eye of a stranger
turn off the radio
****Do not write prose; it must be verse of some kind.
Either (i) use five of these six phrases in a poem of any length and of any form or style.
Or (ii) use three of the phrases and a further phrase as your title in a poem of any length and of any form or style.
[The Gold Trophy Winner, if not a Winkling, will be asked to join the Winklings. ]
Okay! Go to it! Smile

In l5 I am pronouncing usual in 2 syllables, I realise that for many AP poets it will read in three but as it is one of the phrase bank phrases I’m stuck with it