Poetry by Jeff Green


New love for life

by cricketjeff on January 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You are the Queen of all that I desire
Each day I love you love is sure to change
I write my love for you in words of fire
That everyday I know you’ll rearrange
And yet I know I’ll never find them strange
The river of my feelings has to flow
And as it flows be sure that it will grow

No day with you will ever be the same
We’ll meet and part as strangers every time
Fluidity is part of cupids game
Each new emotion makes the hour sublime
And so I write for you another rhyme
But all my poetry will wash away
A different verse is needed every day

I cannot think that this taste will ever stale
When baked afresh before the day is born
Your happiness will be my holy grail
I want to greet my lover every dawn
With all the greatest oaths that can be sworn
I pledge that you and I will never part
The only thing I cannot change, my heart.

Author notes

In my (English) accent dawn is a perfect rhyme for sworn and born I have been advised that this is not true for all, if that includes you you may like to substitute morn for dawn.