Poetry by Jeff Green


The Moon’s blessing

by cricketjeff on January 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On a cold clear night in Winter, hanging silent in the sky,
Is a silver source of magic, making music for the eye.
Through a veil of ghostly cobwebs, wisps of clouds and vapour trails
She shines down upon our meeting and her mood of love prevails.
As you raise your lips towards me, and I press mine onto you,
She has granted you perfection, your complexion is brand new.
For her light, as soft as feathers, is reflected in your eyes
And your cheeks are blessed with blushes that the moonbeams can’t disguise.
As she shines upon embraces that would chase the stars away
She is singing soft and sweetly that she has some words to say.
Though it’s only we who hear her in the garden in her light
She has woven webs of wonder from the verse she would recite.
We will always be together, when the moon shines bright above,
For she sang us words of wisdom on the night we fell in love.