Poetry by Jeff Green


The Postman Sings it Twice

by cricketjeff on January 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

At six each day to earn his pay
Set out to do his round
Knew what to say along the way
To everyone he found

The sturdy locks of pillar box
Succumb to bunch of keys
Then sudden shocks when postman knocks
“That’s four pence extra please”

He thought he’d find the daily grind
Was just too much to take
The jobs unkind so he’s resigned
Was this a big mistake?

Could he go far, no not by car
But singing songs he’d write
A superstar with his guitar
If he’s addressed it right

The postman’s song will bowl along
Like riding on a bike
His voice so strong and like a gong
He’ll never need a mike

He sings the tale of morning mail
Of ladies barely dressed
Of men so pale from too much ale
Their walk to work is stressed

His number one a song begun
While walking door to door
Is lots of fun and clearly spun
From some first class amour

And now his post is quite the most
Of any on the round
He loves to boast he is the toast
Of critics quite profound

He has a voice that’s a Rolls Royce
In fact it’s very nice
Each lady’s choice makes him rejoice
The postman sings it twice!