Poetry by Jeff Green


Just one night

by cricketjeff on January 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There was soft starlight at midnight, there were whispers in the breeze
The were gentle sounds of loving from the birds that filled the trees
So we sat out in the garden with two glasses and some wine
And we toasted all our fortunes as you swore that you were mine

There was moonshine through the branches there were tiny whisps of cloud
There were roses on the bushes as I breathed your name aloud
We held hands and touched each other and we learned we’d never know
How we came to be together in the Moon’s seductive glow

Every time I see the moonlight and in each and every star
I see traces of your shadow and I know just where you are
There is nothing that could match it there are no more nights like these
When I fell inside your magic and you granted all my pleas