Poetry by Jeff Green


Drinks in the garden

by cricketjeff on January 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There was magic in the moment as I leant across to you
And you put your glass beside you just to concentrate on me
I was happy I would kiss you when I felt my feet break free
So I crashed into the bushes what a stupid thing to do

Far above I heard you giggle and you seemed to slip and slide
And the table with our drinks on seemed to lurch and spill them all
There was nothing I could think of that would help you in your fall
So in moments I was flinching as you crashed beside my side

When you drink a little whisky when you’ve drunk a lot of beer
Then the fates will have some fooling of this fact you should be clear

So we looked toward each other then we shared a drunken kiss
And we thought it would be good if we could find a way to stand
But it seemed that would be tricky when we’d both been on the piss
So we laughed out loud together and we spent the night as planned!!!

Author notes

Not all my garden romance poems have to go the same way

If you start with a French sonnet and use big feet while you drink a little too much, this is what you might get.