Poetry by Jeff Green


The last of the Vs

by cricketjeff on October 24, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A shape to fill the skies with dread
Our bomber forces would have lead
Victors and Valiants flying beside
As Vulcan himself took the world for a ride

A shadow of fear cast by wings thick and mighty
Flown by “our chaps” in their service of “Blighty”
Deterring our enemies boosting our friends
When a Vulcan is flying much menace attends

The sound of its engines as it tears up the sky
A shape quite that graceful was just meant to fly
That the reason we built it was so dismal and dark
Could not hide the designer’s most artistic spark

Though built for a task that should never have been
I’m glad that this aircraft is one that I’ve seen
The one that remains should be flown without cease
To remind us to keep all our goals based on peace

Author notes

Option 2 Avro’s meanest and most graceful son