Poetry by Jeff Green


Enjoying life

by cricketjeff on January 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just come as you are he said
So just as she was she came
He’d known that she was in bed
So he could take all the blame

The evening was pleasantly cool
As she strode over the stairs
Not even dressed up for the pool
And cared not a fig for the glares

The men that she met were pleased
Some wives called her awful names
She knew  he loved being teased
Playing the rudest of games

Reception weren’t daunted at all
A naked young beauty was fine
They showed her the way down the hall
And asked if she wanted to dine

She knocked and went in through his door
His guests were the King and the Queen
Their jaws swiftly bounced on the floor
The funniest thing she had seen

She smiled at the shock of the pair
The diplomat hiding his face
An image she wanted to share
With friends from all over the place

Next morning the papers were filled
With photos they took as she walked
But none of the secrets were spilled
Of all that was said as they talked

Ambassadors have to take care
About all the things that they say
This story should have them beware
Some ladies enjoy life this way!!!

Author notes

I hope this fits the bill, the meter is a little dodgy in places, I’ll try to come back and fix it.