Poetry by Jeff Green


The first tango

by cricketjeff on January 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Tango by K Lennox, Imafatcowmoooo on deviant art.

The surprise in her eyes as I swept her away to the floor
The disdain was so plain as we danced a tango through the door
Slapped my face in the chase then a kiss on the lips that’s amor
Just a chance I can dance with this girl of my dreams evermore

      He took me, Chastity, for a spin he must think I’m a whore
      I will show that I’m no easy catch for a fool and a bore
      Second chance! He can dance! And he knows what his arms are there for
      Promise bliss with a kiss as we dance a tango he may score

      All night long he is strong and our legs intertwine  can’t ignore
      Now I feel this is real I’m in love with the man and explore
      All the life of a wife who will dance with a man to adore
      I can start in my heart to prepare to accept my señor

Am I right? her delight seems to mean I’m not free anymore
Too much drink don’t you think now I’m trapped in a way I abhor
What a cost I am lost she has won now I’m her paramour
Just a glance then a dance and you find you are pierced to the core!

Author notes

The Tango by K Lennox, Imafatcowmoooo on deviant art.