Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on January 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ll laze away my Sunday on a haze of never mind
    The rain and wind are bleak but I don’t care
I’m dreaming I am sitting in a spot we chanced to find
    And you are picking daisies over there
I’m half asleep and dozing but my mind is far away
    The river that’s behind us slowly flows
The willow tree I’m sitting by is filled with birds at play
      And all around the best of nature grows
You look across and smile at me I’m happy to my core
      You lie down on my lap to daisy chain
I wonder if this well dreamed day can last for evermore
      Or must I face reality again
The wine is cooling by the boat the ducks are unconcerned
      The picnic will be just as it should be
And then we’ll row to anywhere such pleasures we have earned
      And anywhere is right when you’re with me
The day will pass in gentleness and love will fill our hearts
      When evening calls the boat will rock just so
And we will find each other as the best of night-time starts
      With details that no reader needs to know
And then I find I have to stir the world is butting in
      The rain has stopped the sky is turning blue
I guess it’s time to smile and let my Sunday life begin
      But in my heart I’m in that boat with you