Poetry by Jeff Green


After midnight

by cricketjeff on January 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In a moment after midnight, when the stars were clear and bright,
As we talked of economics and its problems filled the night,
I was struck by an emotion quite beyond me to resist
For your lips had stopped mid-sentence and were begging to be kissed.
We embraced in tender passion and you melted into me
And I knew I’d always loved you and I never would be free.

From that night, although we argue on the issues of the day,
There is something in the background that is never far away;
When you’re halfway through a sentence you may stop and in your eyes
There’ll be something close to pleading that you never can disguise.
For you know that nothing matters in the world beyond the door,
When it’s slightly after midnight and you’re mine for evermore.

When our politics divide us we are certain to agree,
That the moments after midnight are reserved for you and me.
For before the matter’s settled we’ll have set aside the fight
And are lost within each other and are happy for the night.
Every day is for debating, we’re both certain of our case,
But each night is made for loving and our love is now in place.