Poetry by Jeff Green


The only one quite like you

by cricketjeff on January 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When I met you I was captured by the smile behind your eyes
And the cheeky little challenge that would brook no compromise.
Then I fell in deep and helpless when you sat and talked to me
And you filled my head with visions that I’d only dreamed I’d see.

There’s a tingle from your fingers that can keep me wide awake
And I know you’re more addictive than the drugs the addicts take.
If you asked I’d walk to China, there’s no greater love than this.
In your eyes I’ve read the promise of a life of perfect bliss.

When I hear you, or I see you, as I walk into a room
All the clouds dissolve in sunshine, there’s an end to winter gloom.
I don’t see the other faces, hear what other people say,
You’re the concert grand piano that the maestro’s going to play.

Overnight you are the moonlight, you’re the ice-cream on the beach,
You’re the jam inside my doughnut and I need you just in reach.
For the taste that means you’ve kissed me I would swim across the sea
There is only one quite like you and I know you’re meant for me.