Poetry by Jeff Green


A debate…

by cricketjeff on October 25, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Hell in a handbasket, cliché extreme
But the world isn’t headed towards a sweet dream.
Carbon dioxide, our blanket of choice
Will keep us all cooking ’til the sane find a voice

Bomb non-believers, who think not like us
Rendition awaits those who still make a fuss.
About all these deals there is nothing that’s “funny”
It isn’t our fault if our friends all make money.

Rich folk are malnourished by eating excess
While others are still starving, in their cast off mess.
There’s plenty of money, resources and time
But we do not share them, that’s our greatest crime.

Flood tides and hurricanes, disasters like drought
Are sent by our god to dispel any doubt.
All that we do is the right thing to do
It’s right for us all, if it’s right for us few!

Nobody listens, just changes the station.
Looking away is the greatest temptation.
All of us must take our share of the blame
If we treat finding leaders like a bad playground game.