Poetry by Jeff Green


Forget the grey

by cricketjeff on January 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the wind and the rain meet the grey of the day
      And the temperature fails to inspire
When the trains not on time and they say “short delay”
      Yet your heart overflows with desire
Then you may be in love and who knows if it shows
      But the smile on your face is a clue
There’s a feeling inside and it glows as it grows
      And you hope that she feels it for you

When your work is a bore and you fret to forget
      That there’s places that you’d rather be
When you feel that each task is a bet at roulette
      There’s nothing that can set you free
For you’re lost in the maze of a feeling so real
      Each thought tends towards the extremes
First you worry your words will conceal your appeal
        Then you dream you are living your dreams

So take courage my friend and admit all of it
        Tell her all that you hold in your heart
You may find that she’s there and she’ll fit every bit
        Of the puzzle your waiting to start
So the weather and work aren’t the true point of you
        They’re only a foolish complaint
It’s the poet inside that will view all that’s new
        And your life is the canvas you paint

Author notes

It was a grey cold start to today …