Poetry by Jeff Green


Happy endings

by cricketjeff on January 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When she smiles to see her lover, every Sunday after church,
      She is happy but remembers sadder times.
When her husband and her children chose to leave her in the lurch
      For the sin of what they called her moral crimes.
They’re forgiven, they were foolish, didn’t know her inner voice
Now she’s happy, with her lover, brave enough to make the choice.

As a child she’d quite suppressed it, met a man and been a wife.
    As a mother other things were left alone.
She grew older and discovered that she needed her own life
    Now her children were not children, they had grown.
So she told them of her secret, how she’d felt for all those years
But her family then left her, filled with foolish hate-formed fears

All alone she met her lover, who had led a life the same;
      Kindred spirits who found love a little late.
Understood they’d be rejected but they knew they’d beat the shame.
      Knew that love would help them face a lonely fate.
Other friends though were delighted, just a few said they had known.
Now they’re happy with each other and the friendship they’ve been shown.

Two old ladies, every evening, sit alone and hug and kiss
      Two young ladies in their hearts are deep in love.
After years of making do they know they’ve found a little bliss
      And they’re happy they gave fate a final shove.
Maybe soon, the kids will listen, maybe they will come to see,
That their Mother is now happy her new love has set her free.

Author notes

I hope this meets your aim.