Poetry by Jeff Green


A dancing evening

by cricketjeff on January 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As I took your hand,
    could you understand
    that I wanted you, tonight?
All across the floor
    there was something more
    in the way you held me tight.

Couldn’t take a chance,
    let another dance
    with the girl I love this way
So I kept you near
    out of foolish fear
    and the way I feel today

Now the evening’s died
    we’re alone inside
    all our friends have left for home
All I want is you
    and the things you do
  promise me you’ll never roam

Head upstairs to bed
    other needs are fed
    That’s a lovely smile, my dear.
Turning out the light
    so we say goodnight
    nothing more to say –
                                Come here!

Author notes

This is very experimental, I haven’t worked out the way to make the sound come to a natural end so I shall be editing it, but someone out there may be able to help so I’m posting it.