Poetry by Jeff Green


Changing the past

by cricketjeff on January 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I talk to you and understand the way that life could be,
      If I had chosen other paths to tread.
I’ll try to learn to live the way I write my poetry
      And maybe live again before I’m dead.
I can’t regret the life I’ve had but things are changing fast
And every word you say to me’s a doorway to the past.

When I was young I only thought I want a simple life;
      A job that pays and lets me play around.
So I became a scientist and found myself a wife,
      I thought my feet were firmly on the ground.
I didn’t know my heart was tied and needed space to fly,
Now every time I speak to you I know I have to try.

I should have seen that it takes two to keep things on the boil
      And I was only one prepared to fight.
It’s wasn’t years that changed the world and left a life to spoil
      But over time I couldn’t save the light.
And now I find I need to think about where life can lead
And every word I say to you’s another chance to feed.

Perhaps I’ll stay and fade away, perhaps I’ll start again,
      I cannot tell but now I see the choice.
You showed me that it’s up to me so now I know the pain,
      I still have got to exercise my voice.
The ways ahead are different and changes happen fast
And every word you say to me’s a doorway to the past.