Poetry by Jeff Green


repaying a debt

by cricketjeff on January 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the feeling that I love you fills the corners of my mind
And the tastes that make you tingle are the foods I try to find,
Then the days may be delicious but the nights are sweeter still
For in dreams I am beside you and it’s then I eat my fill.

Though your words may be elusive and your troubles fill your heart,
Still my thoughts are quite conclusive and I wish that I could start
Building dreams that you aspire to and a hope to light your way
For you gave me dreams and promise that I cling to everyday.

When you find your world’s a dark one I will call my friend the Moon
To illuminate your garden and to see her moonbeams strewn
On the pathways you must travel and inside your mind as well
She can take you from the tumbrels like a Scarlet Pimpernel.

If you feel the want of friendship on the roads you choose to tread
You will find I am beside you on the paths inside your head.
For you walked beside me freely when I couldn’t find the way
And it’s only through your guidance that I made it to today.

In the end my only offer seems so pitifully small
That I hesitate to tell you that I offer it at all
But the greatest thing you taught me was that friends are all you need
And I’ll give you love and friendship in your hours of greatest need.

If you need me I shall be here but I’ll never offer force
In my eyes you are perfection and the choice is yours of course.
You won’t hurt or disappointment me, doesn’t matter what you do,
I just want you to be happy, I am only here for you.