Poetry by Jeff Green


If staples be the food of love …

by cricketjeff on January 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With Hamlet and with Guildenstern as boys
We thought that love would never be for us
It’s not the sort of thing a boy enjoys
And girls can make a dreadful lot of fuss

But I’ve been cured of cynical detachment
I’ve seen the light and I am always yours
You’ve won me with your wonderful attachment
You’re everything the modern man adores

Oh Rexel you’re the early morning light
Your long arm lets you reach to light the way
What you have joined is held together tight
Oh won’t you join yourself to me today?

So lovingly I’d fill you up with staples
And take you on a honeymoon to Naples!!

Author notes

Sorry about that but I’m a Shakespeare addict, I trust Guildenstern and the ghost of the Prince won’t be too sad to lose their schoolfriend but a happy marriage is clearly in the making …

I am unhappy with the attachment/detachment feminine rhyme, it is a little too heavy and too rich for me, looking for an alternative.