Poetry by Jeff Green


My Punishment (A re-write of a poem by Slipperssun)

by cricketjeff on October 26, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Hands are tied above my head
My movements are restricted
You pick the whip up from my bed
So pain can be inflicted

Five times you lash across my back
The pain has made me scream
I love the force of your attack
I’m waiting for your cream

You’ve stopped me seeing with a hood
Your plans I cannot see
Although it’s clearly understood
The plans are all for me

My arse is stung by a firey line
From the riding crop you swing
Nipples throbbing feeling fine
Loving the pain you bring

The wicked pads of the tens machine
I feel on my body, firm
And soon I’ll writhe as you move the dial
You love to watch me squirm

You fill each holes with toys of pleasure
Then with each electric shock
I get sensations you cannot measure
I get a little bit more cock

You’ve filled up all my cavities
And said to do as I’m told
You’ve pandered to all my depravities
And threatened that I’ll be sold

You pinch my nipples and squeeze them tight
I bite you on your knob
I know you want to see me fight
Then hurt me ’til I sob

You are my master, make me see
Please master stretch me wide
I’ll learn the lessons that you teach me
With more of you inside

Upon my back you lay me down
And then stretch out each leg
I cannot see if you smile or frown
Oh fill me now I beg

Now my holes you’ve emptied out
No toys to stretch me wide
And then in joy I have to shout
As you force your hand inside

In and out you hand fills me
With pleasure and pain and dread
You’ve blown my mind I’ll never be free
I’ve let you inside of my head

From your fisting I’ve no refuge
My body is in spasm
And from my holes there’s a deluge
As you pleasure my aching chasm

Author notes

Following a comment from slipperssun took me to this poem . Which I found hugely erotic and made me want to re-write it myself.

I claim no credit for the story, or the structure which I hope follow the original closely. Great thanks to Slipperssun for allowing, indeed encouraging me to post this. I hope you enjoy it, and the original.