Poetry by Jeff Green


The Cat in the Clouds

by cricketjeff on January 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I saw a sight this evening, as I drove from London Town,
      At eight o’clock as I was heading West.
From hazy clouds above me an old Cheshire cat grinned down,
      The grin was there I couldn’t see the rest.
It isn’t quite what I expect, on London Friday nights.
He should have been down on the ground pursuing mice by rights!

The traffic flowed without a care, perhaps they did not see,
      The grin that hung above them all today.
It can’t have been the Cheshire cat was only there for me
      I saw him grin quite boldly all the way.
What can it mean when fiction turns to sights so clear and proud?
Perhaps it’s just the crescent Moon was peering through the cloud.