Poetry by Jeff Green


Goodnight my love

by cricketjeff on February 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s a freezing night in winter and there’s snowflakes in the air
There are gusts of winds still blowing tossing whiteness everywhere
There’s no moon and stars for comfort and I should be in my bed
But I cannot think of sleeping till you’re curled up in my head

It’s a silent night in winter everybody’s gone to sleep
Sleepy snowflakes keep on falling but it’s not yet very deep
I’ll be slipping on the pavement as I chase my morning train
Thoughts of work and Monday mornings tend to bring on mental strain

So I’ll read some words you’ve written so I know that you’re OK
And I’ll tuck you in beside me and I’ll shut the day away
While I’m sleeping there’s no freezing and the Sun’s not overdue
I’ll be happy that I’m dreaming and my dreams will be of you

So goodnight to you my lover when in turn you go to bed
Please be sure to take me with you, let me curl up in your head
Let me whisper bedtimes stories all the sweetest tales I know
And our dreams can flow together far from freezing winds and snow