Poetry by Jeff Green


Wrapped up like a Christmas present

by cricketjeff on October 26, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve bound myself in ribbon, only you can set me free
I never want to get away, I want you tied to me
Whatever is your pleasure, my body wants that too
I’ll take whatever’s given, if its given out by you

I need you to possess me, take me past where I have been
Lead me to the plateau where the gods of love are seen
Pierce me, whip me, brand me, mark me any way you wish
If you feel the slightest hunger, please select me as your dish

Every hole that I can fit you in, is yearning to be filled
I have no wishes of my own, I’m waiting to be willed
My mind is a blank canvas, please fill it with your art
I am waiting bound and ready, please promise that you’ll start