Poetry by Jeff Green


Her shadow

by cricketjeff on February 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The shadow of a woman turns the daylight into night,
      I cannot see the sunshine any more.
She walks across my dreaming but her beauty’s not in sight,
      I cannot see the face I still adore.
She used to be my future and the sum of all my hope
And now I’m left without her and I can’t believe I’ll cope.

We met at school and hated but the hate soon washed away
      And love replaced the reason in our minds.
I asked you if you’d have me and I promised I would stay,
      You wrapped my heart in soft but flawless binds.
I knew I’d never leave you and I’ve stayed in love with you,
Throughout our years together never sought for someone new.

Our children are your mirrors and I see your heart in each
      But they can’t be the lover that I need.
They’ve grown and flown and now I find their lives are out of reach;
      It seems we planted only windblown seed.
Where are you when I need you can’t you stay here by my side?
My question is unanswered and my pleas have been denied.

I almost feel your kisses and your fingers in my hand.
      Each night in bed I dream I feel the rest
And every day on waking I can hardly understand,
      That I can never hold the very best.
My memories are golden but already start to fade,
I need the you I knew before my path fell into shade.

Each day I come to visit, kiss you softly on the cheek.
      You never smile or even know my name.
It’s been a year of heartache since you last found strength to speak
      Dementia is the word that takes the blame.
I wish that you were with me, or that I was lost as well.
The shadow of my woman shades the road to living hell.