Poetry by Jeff Green


Undoing the curse

by cricketjeff on February 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Ribbon of Hope by manips-of-artist2  at DeviantArt

The pantheon abhors all competition
They have decreed examples must be shown
Alas their powers are not mere superstition
She worshipped him so he was turned to stone

The goddess intervened with great compassion
For goddesses adore a mortal man
Regard the new-cast statue in love’s fashion
And she will counteract the dreadful plan

Our heroine is dressing up her hero
She bring provisions though he’s not alive
She prays her goddess turns the curse to zero
And gods allow these innocents to thrive

A passionate kiss from perfect loving wife
Who gasps amazed as he  returns to life

Author notes

Image and inspiration is Ribbon of Hope by manips-of-artist2 at DeviantArt

A sonnet in under 100 words is tough I have used 99 I think.